Jul 10th 2019

For our latest edition of Well Chosen we are so happy to introduce Schentell Nunn, our latest Midland Muse. Schentell is an incredibly talented floral designer. Her business, Offerings, was created out of a genuine appreciation for the joy that flowers bring, and her vibrant, innovative creations bring so much joy. Schentell is a truly beautiful human, a flower in her own right.

Tell us three things you’ve learned since becoming a floral designer.

I have been doing flowers off and on for about 16 years now! Which is so wild to even think about! One thing I've learned is that 99% of the time flowers are a symbol of love and respect. This has been my main reason for loving them as much as I do. I have also learned that if you hand a child a flower they will always feel like they have received the most special gift in the world. The third would be how beautiful carnations are. Seriously they are just fluffy puffs of color. So special.

When shopping brick and mortar shops, what inspires your purchases and keeps you coming back?

I am always on the hunt for a place that feels like home. If the selection feels thoughtful and responsibly sourced I will always come back. I strongly feel that our purchases/ money should go towards building and uplifting community as often as possible. 

We love your organic, wild textures in your designs. How do you find your distinct voice and stay creative in the process?

Since childhood I have been a nature baby, creating with my hands whenever possible. I would weave together flower crowns out of the flowers that grow in the grass and dreamcatcher hoops out of grapevines. Flowers are now just an extension of that natural connection that I've always had. A lot of the time in my work I'll create areas that I call "gardens" or say the flowers are "hanging out". It's really all just inspired by natural flow.

What are three things you want to manifest for yourself this year?

I cant believe this year is already half over! I would love to manifest a rescue pup, a stronger meditation practice, and all the most beautiful weddings for 2020.

What people, living or deceased, would you call your muse or guru or biggest inspiration?

My Grandmother was and always will be a huge inspiration for the life I live. She grew up in Arkansas and at 17 decided she was moving to California where her Aunt lived. She was a black woman and this was the early 50's. I remember her telling the story of how she gave someone leaving town her last $37 so she could hop in the truck with him, and my reaction being "who does that?!" She was always like that, and I'm always so grateful to have known her and her power. She raised four wild sons alone in the Bay Area, put herself through college, and had a very successful career. All throughout and around her home was hundreds of plants and I always feel part of my love of florals comes from her. Her story always reminds me that anything is possible.

Tell us why you shop at Midland and a few short reasons why you chose the products you did.

I love Midland. I love knowing that every piece in the space is thoughtful and mindful and there for a reason.

I adore the Midland scents. They are all so beautiful. I find myself most drawn the Heartland scent. With scents it's always so difficult to find something that feels special to you, and these thoughtful small batches effortlessly do just that.

Big mugs are seriously a weakness of mine, and the IIIVVVYYY Ceramics Canyon Mugs are so incredibly stunning yet special. Plus it's so nice to start your day with a piece of art that was crafted with care. I really think utilizing objects made with heart can really make a difference in our day.

Everyday Oil has been on my favorites list for a while now. It's just all the yummiest oil blended in one bottle, plus it smells so beautiful yet neutral. I can't say enough good things about it.

I am incredibly selective about what jewelry I wear, but I was instantly drawn to the Sophie Monet Pine hoops. They are statement yet natural and timeless, which I love.

 With an hour of free time what would you do?

Hike. Again and again. I've been in Southern California for a year now so the terrain is still fairly new. Every time I get outside I have hearts in my eyes for all of the fun new plant textures and blooms everywhere. I'm always pointing at a blossom or a tree full of excitement.

If you had one quote to live by…

"You never get your time back". These words have pushed me to take chances and embrace experiences that have changed my life for the best. They've pushed me to travel the world. I'm forever grateful for that little bit of wisdom.