Dec 4th 2019

This woman is a muse to many, so it's our absolute pleasure to introduce you to our dear friend, Kelly Zajfen, our latest Midland Muse. Kelly is Jane of all trades - warrior mama to her twins, co-founder of Alliance of Moms, co-creator of Little Minis, connector, advocate and loving supporter of women and female causes. Kelly is all heart and truly a gem of a human. We are so honored to share a bit about her with you here.

Tell us three things you’re looking forward to in 2020.

1. Traveling with my Family. The connection with my kids and other cultures leaves us with full hearts.

2. Starting a new business adventure!

3. Carving out more time and building my community of friendships.

When shopping brick and mortar shops, what inspires your purchases and keeps you coming back?

I think it’s so easy to go online and get lost in the consumption of goods and not really understand where it’s coming from or where it was made. I really appreciate and love local stores that curate artisans and makers and designers who support them and showcase them in a beautiful way. I am a big believer in who is behind any brand and getting to know them. I’m a sucker for jewelry and love that what I wear are pieces by friends, or local artisans that live in my community. I feel that way a lot when I make decisions on pieces of clothing I buy. I tend to go back for the same designers and will support them for life. Midland is a perfect example of showcasing such beautiful and thoughtful pieces. I always find something for friends, or myself (hah!) when I am looking for something specific. Rachel Pally, Elizabeth Antonia, The Great, Beatrice Valenzuela are just a few of the things I swoon over currently at MIDLAND.

We love what a kind and loyal friend you are to so many. What values do you most subscribe to in your friendships?

This is the nicest thing! Thank you! I have been so lucky to meet so many incredible women in my life. I think it comes down to the commitment to be kind and supportive of each other. To lead with the thought that supporting each other will only build our relationships deeper. And by supporting, I mean in all the good stuff and the difficult stuff in life. To lead with a non judgmental heart, a lot of laughter, to be trusting, and to be very very dependable. Friendships to me are my family. So I take good care of that space.

What are three things you love about yourself?

I am always on time! Even annoyingly early! Thoughtfulness and ability to find joy in everything (My husband just helped me with this. X)

What people, living or deceased, would you call your muse or guru or biggest inspiration?

My mother who is no longer here. This is a bit of a tricky one for me. I find the inspiration in the light she carried around her before her addiction turned that light off for her and everyone around her. I find inspiration in the beauty and gift of motherhood she gave me and how I give that to my own children. Before she was sick, she was magic. I make sure I don’t mirror back mistakes made and paths taken by her. I am endlessly inspired by the warriors around me that have struggled with or been affected by addiction and determined through their own commitments to themselves or their families to get through the hardest moments.

Tell us why you shop at Midland and a few short reasons why you chose the products you did.

Midland Dress: I love me my ladies! And I love this design. Especially the color. I feel like this dress is perfect on everyone!!

Early Riser Companion: A beautiful book about raising family consciousness. To find traditions, celebrations, and rituals. What a beautiful reminder everyday to celebrate our children and the transitions they are in.\

Beatrice Valenzuela: Asterisk Pearl Earrings: Made in Los Angeles and the most beautiful pop of design and uniqueness. I own a couple of her pieces and I wear them with everything!!

With an hour of free time what would you do?

You would probably find me at a cafe or restaurant with my bestie.

If you had one quote to live by…

No Rain. No Flowers.