May 13th 2019

We are thrilled to introduce Jessie De Lowe, our latest Midland Muse. Jessie is a mom, manifestation coach, art therapist, certified yoga instructor and co-founder of the lifestyle + wellness platform How You Glow. She's a bright light who inspires us to live authentically and vibrantly. 

Tell us three things you’ve learned since becoming a mother.

1. I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff. Having a child puts everything into perspective and really limits the time or energy I have to worry about anything petty or unnecessary.

2. I think becoming a parent has pushed me into a new realm of this incredible reality we call life. I’ve been introduced to a whole new depth of myself, discovering a new capacity for love, patience, and compassion for all beings, as well as a new complexity/intensity of emotions within myself, ranging from complete euphoria to feeling utterly overwhelmed.

3. That it always takes at least 15 minutes more than you think it will to get out of the house with a toddler. Still learning this one, haha.

When shopping brick and mortar shops, what inspires your purchases and keeps you coming back?

The sensory experience is key. I am attracted to shops that have good, unique music playing that I can Shazam for How You Glow playlists. I appreciate good scents that elevate my mood throughout the shopping experience, and I love to be introduced to brands that I wouldn’t have necessarily found on my own. A relationship with the shop owner is always a huge motivator as well.

We love your manifestation workshops, what brought you to this practice?

Thank you! I feel so grateful that I’ve found a way to marry my background as an art therapist, yoga, and meditation teacher with my deep personal interest and study of energy / law of attraction / quantum physics and neuroscience. As a Manifestation Coach, I have the privilege of helping people tap into their innate magnetism to create the life of their dreams. I have been leading art therapy/yoga groups for almost 10 years, so once I began coaching people in the realm of Manifestation, it was a natural progression to offer group workshops. Nothing is more satisfying than guiding people towards self discovery and stepping into their soul’s highest truth. The sense of community it has created for attendees has also been a huge bonus.

Paige was honored to be interviewed on your podcast, Madly Forever. What topics are the most interesting and inspiring to explore on the podcast?

Madly Forever Podcast is an exploration of relationships in all forms, and the science and secrets behind what makes partnerships thrive. Fascinating topics we’ve covered include conscious lovemaking, how to keep the spark alive, manifesting a partner, untraditional romantic relationships, business partnerships, identical twins, and more! We also address how to nourish the most important relationship in our lives, the one we have with ourselves. We have some really exciting new guests coming on for Season 2 that I can’t wait for you to listen to.

What people, living or deceased, would you call your muse or guru or biggest inspiration?

My parents are my biggest relationship inspiration. The love that they have for each other after over 40+ years of marriage is truly remarkable. Growing up, even from a very young age, I knew that what they had was something very special. I always felt so fortunate to be a product of that kind of passion and devotion and I believe it has been instrumental in my own capacity for giving and receiving love. Brian and I actually interviewed them recently for Madly Forever and their episode airs soon.

Tell us why you shop at Midland and a few short reasons why you chose the products you did.

Midland is hands down my favorite boutique in LA. It feels really good knowing that Paige and Kelly curate the shop with brands that they stand behind; those that have an ethical, slow approach to fashion, many of whom are locally based. I go to Midland to stock up on products I love like Nucifera balm and mist, as well as to discover fashion brands I love, like Aish that I am now obsessed with! I love that there are so many unique statement pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear every day. I love that every detail is considered, from the exquisite gift wrapping, to the gorgeous custom Midland scent that you will smell on your garment when you take it home.

With an hour of free time what would you do?

Either Calvin’s yoga class at Yogaworks, go to the beach and meditate/daydream/read or get a massage!


Photos by Ashley Randall