Apr 21st 2020

Anna has been a friend and muse for over 12 years. She is a continually curious seeker and inventor, supporting and creating sustainable and thoughtful living ideas. Her new project, Amalgam Kitchen, is her latest genesis that has been beautifully nourishing her family and Instagram followers with healthy and delicious recipes. We’ve made her Purple Sweet Potato Hummus and will never go back to regular hummus. Anna created this recipe exclusively for Midland - Thai Sweet Potato Soup - to help soothe us all in our home cooking and immune-boost our eating. Easy recipe below followed by our interview with her.

We love you and all the inspiration you bring to us dear Anna!

I love this soup I created for Midland. With its Thai flavors and deep orange hue from the garnet yams and carrots, it embodies the Midland lifestyle - in look and taste. It is warm, earthy and creamy from the coconut milk with a little kick from the Thai red curry and a little lime overtone. It is rich in Beta carotene, and anti-viral properties from the ginger and garlic. Serve it as a starter or eat it as a main dish with a big slice of buttery toasted Sourdough bread and Asian pickles or Kimchi on the side.

Tell us three things you’re looking forward to post quarantine.

Honestly, the thing I have been practicing and cultivating most has been to stay “in this present moment.” I realized in the first two weeks of the quarantine that I spend so much of my life planning in the future, looking to the future, what was next. This has been a massive lesson in present moment awareness. No planning, other than 'what do I cook next?', 'what is our next meal?' It has been amazing, realizing how much of my adult life has been in looking to the future...or back into the past. But If I think about it, maybe just taking a long drive to a beach somewhere and putting my feet in the sand. Or a meal at Nancy Silverton’s Osteria Mozza.

What are your favorite flavors to use in cooking?

I love Asian flavors. I love using Thai curry pastes as I did in the soup I developed for Midland as well as ginger, lemongrass, toasted sesame oil, Thai Basil, and Mirin. Also, I love using fresh herbs. One of our quarantine projects was planting a little herb garden. Love going outside and snipping fresh herbs. One can grow an herb garden in their kitchen. It's so easy.

What do you love about living in Ojai?

I love the simplicity of living in Ojai, the quiet, Nature, big open skies and the cohesive sense of community.

What are three things you love about cooking?

I love the meditative quality of it, being able to be creative and nourishing those I care about.

What people, living or deceased, would you call your muse or guru or biggest inspiration?

I can’t say there is just one. The people dead or alive who inspire me include Chef Julia Childs, Alice Waters, Rene Redzepi of Noma, Krishnamurti, Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie. They have all inspired creativity, awareness and courage.

We’ve always admired your passion for healthy living. What drew you to start Amalgam Kitchen?

Wanting to serve people in nourishing themselves holistically through cooking and food. I believe food is medicine. I want to offer up recipes and ways of living that facilitate good health and beauty in one’s life.

With an hour of free time what would you do?

Look at cook books while sitting in the sun and meditate.

If you had one quote to live by…

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.”


 Photos by Anna Getty and Scott Oster

Follow Anna and more of her recipes at @amalgamkitchen.