#midlandgalsforchange | two

Mar 22nd 2018

 Photography: Annie McElwain | Make-up/Hair: 1011 Makeup


There are so many things I'd like to see change in 2018. I'd like to see people value each other and the environment more, to be more conscious of our actions. But what's on my mind the most right now is reformed gun laws. Please support Everytown @everytown and help us bring this issue to a halt, for we are all at risk. ⚡️ @lucymichel ⚡️ Lucy wears @kkibo.jo.


Kate | I would like to see individuals, businesses and politicians prioritize the survival of our planet and our natural resources before financial profit. We only have one Mother Earth and nothing matters if we can’t find more ways to protect her. There are so many aspects to environmentalism but keeping our oceans clean and wildlife safe are real priorities of mine. Through educating and organizing on local, regional and national levels, The Surfrider Foundation @surfrider does amazing work helping to ensure that our beaches are accessible for those who enjoy them and most importantly, for the animals who inhabit them.

Carly | Right now I am hoping for a world filled with more kindness and love, and appreciation for difference. Where all people, especially parents of children, feel like their families are safe. Safe enough to express themselves without fear, safe enough to walk into school without worrying about violence, and safe enough to be embraced for their individuality, no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they come from. An organization dear to my heart is A Window Between Worlds @awbworg, which uses the power of art as a catalyst for safety, self-expression and connection. Their programs help to heal people and communities affected by violence and trauma.

⚡️ @_katebrien_@carlybee143 ⚡️ Sisters Kate & Carly are wearing @rachelcraventextiles.


I believe that change at a grand scale starts at home. As a new mom, I want my child and all children (regardless of socioeconomic status) to have a curiosity about where their food comes from, as I believe it is directly correlated to physical and mental health. Alice Water's organization, The Edible Schoolyard has been initiating this change for the past 20 years: providing tools and training on edible education to public schools across the country. @edibleschoolyard ⚡️ @hayley.feldman ⚡️Hayley wears @kkibo.jo.


I would love to see California move towards banning polystyrene(styrofoam) in 2018. AIso, I work with 5 Gyres @5gyres to educate the public about keeping plastic out of the ocean. Climate change is a direct result of the pollution and waste going into our ecosystem. ⚡️ @annagetty ⚡️ Anna wears @loupcharmant.


Tara | One change I’d love to see in the world is an expansion of kindness; instead of focusing on our differences, I hope as humans we can more often remember how similar we really are. Organization I love to support is The Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) @crohnscolitisfoundation .

Jessie | In 2018 I hope that our world's collective consciousness elevates, and that human beings everywhere encourage each other to recognize that we are all connected and EQUAL. I hope our leaders can promote love and connectivity, rather than fear and separateness. I support the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) @aclu_nationwidewho works to protect civil rights and promote equality and justice for all!

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