#midlandgalsforchange | six

Apr 18th 2018

Photography: Annie McElwain | Make-up/Hair: 1011 Makeup


This is a time of great change. The abuse of our beautiful planet and each other seems unbearable. The insurmountable challenges facing our planet can only be solved if we tap into a higher consciousness. There are several ways to effect change in our world, and I believe it starts within. Within me, and within you. When we grow, change and evolve, the world does too. My hope is that we as a collective, will raise our frequency and live in love. From that space, we can live in a world where we view the planet and all living things as one. An organization that I’m inspired by is Fashion Revolution. @fash_revthey believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Their goal is to unite people and organizations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced, and consumed, so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean, and fair way.

⚡️ @christydawn@crittycat00 ⚡️

Christy wears @aishlife


My cause is A Sense Of Home @asenseofhomeorg The foster care system is one of America’s most troublesome institutions: chronically underfunded and largely uninformed. When kids age out of the foster care system they are delivered into society without tools, safety net , support, services. This organization provides the necessary support to help these young adults enter into society. ⚡️ @daniele_king ⚡️

Daniele wears @pietsiecampbell


There's a growing conversation around the various, unique, "non-traditional" ways to build a family. The conversation is beautifully raw and honest. My hope is that as it grows, so does the awareness around supporting these various paths and those who are on them. This year, there are countless bills and advocacy groups working to ensure more equal rights for those individuals: Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2018, awarding #CitizenshipForAllAdoptees Unrestricted Access to Original Birth Certificate for Adoptees (only 9 states currently allow access) @resolveorg fighting to ensure that couples facing infertility have access to care, education, and coverage - @kindredand.co sharing the story of all members of the adoption journey. Every Child Deserves a Family Act prohibits agencies that receive state funds from denying adoption or foster care to people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. ⚡️ @adapperline ⚡️

Steph wears @ozma_of_california


I want to see the end of systematic oppression and police brutality in 2018. All Americans - including black, queer, trans, Muslim, Jewish, disabled, and undocumented Americans - should be valued and protected under the law and in our economy. I support Black Lives Matter @blklivesmatter because too many innocent lives have been senselessly lost due to violent racism. The Southern Poverty Law Center @splcenterand the NAACP @naacp have also long been fighting for civil rights and liberties. Remember Trayvon Martin, remember Stephon Clark, let the names of those killed be heavy on your heart and propel you to speak up, donate, and act.

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Although the environment is always a 'cause' i support, I would have to say @everytown is very top of mind these day. We need to end gun violence today and change the current events. We cannot continue the status quo and must take action together. I hope everyone marched with the kids of the future today! ⚡️ @byboyandgirl ⚡️

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Last but not least we honor our hard-working, creative collaborator and photographer @anniemcelwain, thank you for pushing yourself and working tirelessly with us to make this campaign a beautiful moment in time. You shot 50 women in one day! Our gratitude is endless! You are a radiant human being and we love you!


#midlandgalsforchange NUMBER ONE ~ History has shown us that real change requires effort. Showing up and doing our part. Finding a platform and using it. Being loud. Consistent. Honest. Passionate. Kind. This week was meant to be those things. A collective supportive loudness. We hope these women from different walks of life and their inspiring ideas have struck something within you. Something good. Get involved however you can, make a difference. Small acts add up to big change. Thank you for supporting all these brave, beautiful women who used their voice on our tiny mission to make a dent. They feel your vibrations and so do we.