#midlandgalsforchange | one

#midlandgalsforchange | one

Mar 22nd 2018

We asked 50 inspiring women what they want to see changed in 2018. We styled them in Midland clothing, took their studio portrait, and are honoring their voice in the Women's Empowerment movement of today. We will share their photos throughout the week. These are the collection of their hopeful ideas, their beautiful faces, and a representation of the power of women coming together in community.

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Photography: Annie McElwain

Make-up/Hair: 1011 Makeup

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I would like to see child hunger end. America is full of resources that no one, especially our children, should live a day without food. An organization that is dear to me is No Kid Hungry @nokidhungry This is my wish for a better future for all children. ⚡️@bonnietsang ⚡️ Bonnie is wearing Ace & Jig @aceandjig.


I am doing my best to be the change I want to see. My main cause is environmental justice. It starts with love and kindness, followed by daily actions: recycling, picking up trash, saving and recycling water at home, (grey water system), eliminating the use of plastics, etc. I work with @350org, a community-based organization bringing people together to advocate and take action on behalf of the environment. Growing up in Big Sur, CA., nature gave us everything we needed to live in harmony and abundance, for free. From the shared veggie gardens, to the chicken coups and goats. I feel a deep connection with nature. Nature is a part of me. It is one of the main reasons I started an ethically produced clothing line, and I hope to continue to find ways in which I can reduce my negative impact upon the environment. ⚡️ @sugar_candy_mountain ⚡️ Bianca wears her own line Sugar Candy Mountain.


I would love to see the food funding increased in public schools. The lack of nutrition fed to children in our schools today is contributing to the highest rates of childhood obesity seen in history and having a negative effect on their mood and learning capabilities. Public schools are denied funding unless they serve milk with every meal and the funding is so minimal that buyers are forced to serve poor quality, processed foods. Most of which are laden with subsidized crops like corn, wheat, and soy products instead of vegetables and healthy proteins which further perpetuates the problem. Kids deserve proper nutrition as the foundational building block of health. I support @biggreen that puts gardens on schools all over the United States. ⚡️ @bewellbykelly ⚡️ Kelly is wearing Miranda Bennett @mirandabennettstudio.


In 2018 let's see real change and common sense gun reform. Enough is enough. It’s the only answer for true safety - @everytown is an amazing organization that I support. I applaud them and I'm ready to march with them on March 24th. Let’s all work to make this policy change! ⚡️ @officialevercarradine ⚡️ Ever wears @mirandabennettstudio and @sophiemonet.


I want every child to have an equal opportunity to go after their dreams - regardless of the circumstances they were born into. We need to give at-risk youth the means to earn an education - which means they need the right resources - notebooks, pencils, backpacks, calculators, computers. As a new mother, I understand what a treasure it is to allow children to build their own dreams. I work alongside my sister and her charity - Learning Lab Ventures @learninglabventures - to provide school supplies to tens of thousands of underprivileged kids in LA, as well as after-school mentorship programs and year-round tutoring. We’ve watched 100% of the kids we work with finish high school and 90% go to college - some attending Ivy League schools like Harvard. Education leads to self-empowerment, which ultimately breaks the cycle of poverty for these children. ⚡️ @laurengores ⚡️ Lauren wears @ozma_of_california earrings by @sophiemonet.


I would love to see increased awareness, dialogue, and support around all perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including postpartum depression. As many as 20 percent of women experience some form of depression either during pregnancy or after giving birth, and not enough of those mothers receive professional treatment. As a PPD survivor, I recently signed up to become a "warm" line volunteer with Postpartum Support International, @postpartumhelp, where mothers and families can access help through understanding, encouragement, and of course referrals to resources in their local areas. We need to be lifting each other up with empathetic arms and destigmatizing the emotional and mental struggles that so many women endure—and communication, openness, and outreach is a solid first step. ⚡️ @nickisebastian ⚡️ Nicki wears @sugar_candy_mountain.


It feels urgent to bring awareness to Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) @chirla_org. It's a local organization and one of the oldest in LA advocating for immigrant rights. I think this issue is personally felt by everyone in Los Angeles. They are taking donations for a DACA Trust Fund to help pay for the legal fees and staffing needed to support DACA renewals. ⚡️ @soo_nfood@saeheecho⚡️ Saehee wears @pietsiecampbell@sugar_candy_mountain and @crescioni_ca.


Like Nader Khalili, founder of CalEarth @calearthinstitute, I believe that affordable, sustainable shelter is a human right. I would like to see more legislature across the country supporting the individuals right to build affordable, sustainable housing. The way many buildings are constructed is not resourceful, energy draining and increasingly prohibitively expensive, to boot. I would like to see more and more people know how to and (legally) be able to build their own affordable, sustainable, energy efficient home using the earth beneath their feet, the other elements -water, air, fire and at minimum, very little else. “Earth turns to gold, in the hands of the wise.” - Rumi ⚡️ @agn3s ⚡️ Agnes wears @mirandabennettstudio.


Something I’d like to see changed in 2018 is for everyone to choose hope and love over fear and hate. Stricter gun laws. Kindness and acceptance. An organization that is dear to my heart is Zeno Mountain Farm @zenomountainfarm - a nonprofit building lifelong friendships and opportunity for people with and without disability. Communities such as this build hope not fear. More of this please. ⚡️ @laylaygibson⚡️ Elaina wears @aceandjig.