#midlandgalsforchange | four

Apr 18th 2018

Photography: Annie McElwain | Make-up/Hair: 1011 Makeup


Beatrice - I would love see more children, teens and young adults of all socio economic backgrounds exposed to art and to get the opportunity to make art. There are many who don’t get to have this luxury. I’ve visited Inner City Arts @innercityartsand their work is incomparable. I was filled with energy and inspiration when I had the chance to see the incredible work these young artists are creating!

Rachel - @momsdemand Support Moms Demand Action. Gun control now! Let’s get sensible gun laws in place. LET DO THIS BY FLIPPING THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IN 2018. As discussed at the Moms Demand meeting, the single best way WE can help, due to our location in Los Angeles, is to work to flip the closest congressional seat to us that’s still red! Win this election and 23 others and we flip the House. Flip the House and we start to get sensible gun laws in place. It’s that simple! See a letter my 9 year old Max wrote to Kamala Harris & Adam Schiff on the next slide.

Beatrice wears @ozma_of_california and @crescioni_ca. Rachel wears her own designs @rachelcraventextiles.

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With one of my four boys inching towards high school, I’d like to see greater emphasis on the growing opioid epidemic in this country. A crisis currently flooding our school systems, being deemed a “modern plague” because of drug related overdoses now being the leading cause of death for people under 50. I come from a background blighted by addiction and hope to keep it from cycling through my own family. As a nation I hope we can work together to figure out the resources we need to turn these bleak statistics around. I support Phoenix House @phoenixhouse who currently serve over 1,800 teens and adults each year with more than 130 programs across nine states. ⚡️ @houseinhabit ⚡️

Jessica wears @pietsiecampbell


The wish for change I call forward is for us all to embrace this moment in history as an opportunity for a shift in consciousness. We can make a difference in how we relate to ourselves to what’s present in our daily lives and our world view at large, by choosing to see through the eyes of LOVE ♥️. The organization we at WMN SPACE @wmn_space have felt called to support most recently is @womenforwomen - An organization that help women survivors of war rebuild their lives. ⚡️ @paulamallis ⚡️

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I would like to see gun control laws changed in 2018 (and while we are at it, our President changed too). I am so sick of waking up to the horrible news of tragedies involving automatic weapons. I want my kids to feel safe at school, the movies and anywhere they roam. And I really love what Everytown @everytown is doing in this realm. The more we keep at it, the more likely this will change. ⚡️ @maya_brenner ⚡️

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I would love to see every woman feel empowered to go after the career she dreams of, regardless of her current financial situation. Many women need the extra boost of confidence as they go into a job interview which their entire family might be relying on. I love what @dressforsuccessis doing to get women outfitted for the career that's going to help them get the financial independence they need, before they can afford those clothes. We all know how the right outfit can totally transform how you feel about yourself in those important moments, and every woman deserves that!

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Kyle - One change I want to see in 2018 is less single use plastic and more consciousness around how wasteful and damaging for the environment it is. Also more awareness around elevating the resources for lower socio-economic families. Organization I love to support is Venice Arts @venicearts providing low income, local kids with access to the arts.

Sian - The one thing I’d like to see change in 2018 is the people in my community being the change that they want to see. I’m surrounded by liberals who buy single use plastics and drive gas guzzlers. I’d really like to see everyone make their daily sacrifices and set an example to one another. An organization I love is School on Wheels @schoolonwheels where I volunteer. We tutor homeless children and are always in need of support (and more tutors) … join us!

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Kyle and Sian wear tops by @mirandabennettstudio with a Midland bandana and vintage jeans


Not every woman wants to be a mother. We too often take for granted our choices in life and fail to recognize the organizations that work hard to maintain and protect our reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood @plannedparenthood keeps female reproductive issues an open and honest discussion. With a stepdaughter and a baby girl on the way, I want to make sure they will have a choice and that certain obstacles and body politics won’t be in their way to make those choices.

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