#midlandgalsforchange | five

Apr 18th 2018

Photography: Annie McElwain | Make-up/Hair: 1011 Makeup


I do a lot of work for Baby2baby @baby2baby and I witness the work they do for the kids in LA and everyone should know about them because it’s so easy to drop off all the unwanted toys and things you don’t need anymore and will be so helpful for so many babies that have nothing. It brings necessities and joy to these families. Also, as a French woman I can’t even start to tell you how horrified I am with the gun issues and I wish everyone would help to reform the laws - @everytown for gun safety. I want everyone to help make their voice louder and stop this insanity. And lastly, I also have growing a passion for @surfrider and the work they do to clean our local beaches. There is much change to make!

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In 2018 I'd like to see equal pay for equal work, for both women and minorities. It is unacceptable that women still make just under 80 cents for every dollar a man makes and for minorities that number is far lower. The organization I support is @girlswhocode. Tech jobs are some of the fastest growing in the country and women are being left behind. #girlswhocode is working to close that gender gap. With more diversity in tech, come more innovation and opportunities. ⚡️ @jessiewebster ⚡️

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I'm concerned about the dogmatic view on women's health issues in this country and the lack of funding to support the average American's medical needs. I've been a supporter of @plannedparenthood for 18 years. I hope these efforts have given someone, somewhere the opportunity to safe treatment and helpful guidance. Additionally, I'm deeply concerned about the Opioid epidemic and the lack of intelligence and funding attributed to it by the current administration. I support Nan Goldin's PAIN petition as well as MAP (Musician's Assistance Program) which provides addiction recovery services for those that can't afford safe treatment. Empathy is key, for all of us - now more than ever.

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I care about empowering women around the world. Globally, a woman empowered is able to make choices about her body and her family, and invest in their children and their children’s futures. In addition, the research publicized by Project Drawdown @projectdrawdown has demonstrated the incredible potential for girls primary education and family planning—both women empowerment goals—to make an impact on the movement to reverse the instability of climate change. An organization I like to work with directly is Kiva, @kiva.org an international micro-loan non-profit. They enable me to provide small loans directly to women around the world, contributing towards their fundraising goals for projects that range from investing in inventory for small businesses to buying teaching materials for schools. ⚡️ @allylwalsh ⚡️

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We'd like to see more awareness for and governmental assistance to mental illness research, treatment, rehabilitation, and support. 1 in 25 adults and 1 in 5 youth experience a severe mental disorder at some point in their life. The financial backing and rehabilitation programs surrounding these diseases are not anywhere near where they should be. Organizations like the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation @bbrfoundation and NAMI @namicommunicate are raising awareness and funding to help change these staggering statistics. If we can make mental health services a right and a priority for all people, we can help affect positive change for devastating issues like homelessness and gun violence. ⚡️ @amanda100lc @kristina100lc @jilly100lc ⚡️

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I’ve been a member of the Surfrider Foundation @surfrider since I was a teenager and love how they have aligned with Straw Free - eliminating straws might seem like a small gesture but 500,000,000 straws are thrown away every day in the US alone. Our sea animals are injesting this toxic plastic and dying off too soon. Every little bit counts. Go straw free! @straw.free

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I would like to see an end to the violence that is driving people from their homes and creating a refugee crisis around the world. The refugee crisis is a responsibility that belongs to us all. BRAC is the largest global anti-poverty organization in the world. @BRACworld We can all help this crisis end. ⚡️ @ediblegardensla ⚡️

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In 2018, my biggest hope is that the time has finally come for common sense gun reform. This transcends democrats vs. republicans. There is no reason teenagers (or students or teachers of any age) should fear going to school in the morning. Enough is enough.

I can’t think of a more deserving organization than March For Our Lives @marchforourlives Only four days after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, the incredible high school activists had a policy goal and a plan for a nationwide protest (a March for Our Lives, scheduled for March 24th, tomorrow). They make me hopeful for the future.

Midland gals hope you will march with us in L.A. tomorrow! ⚡️ @shira_rd ⚡️

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