Join Us and Poppy & Someday on Shop Small Saturday

Join Us and Poppy & Someday on Shop Small Saturday

Nov 20th 2017

Let's come together as a community and support independent designers, artists and makers. As a little shop with big ideals, we believe quality retail has a place amongst the masses and we offer you well chosen products from our makers. This Saturday we are hosting a pop-up with L.A. based apothecary line Poppy & Someday to celebrate Shop Small Saturday.


Drop in and experience the passion Kari has for plants and wildcrafting which led her to create to one of our favorite beauty and wellness brands, Poppy & Someday.

Cypress Deodorant, $24, 10%, 80%, /poppy-someday-cypress-deoderant/

Lipstain, $15, 2030%%, 80%, /poppy-someday-lipstain/

Kapha Earth & Water Mist, $26, 30%, 80%, /poppy-someday-kapha-earth-and-water-mist/

Palochouli Salve, $37, 50%, 80%, /poppy-someday-palochouli-salve/

Marfa Moon Mist, $30, 65%, 80%, /poppy-someday-marfa-moon-mist/

Gypsy Rose Toner, $30, 80%, 80%, /poppy-someday-gypsy-rose-toner/

And like everyday of the year, shop our curated array of well chosen goods. We are incredibly grateful to be a part of your community and for your continued support of Midland.