Introducing Midland Scents

Introducing Midland Scents

Oct 1st 2018

Introducing three exclusive unisex scents by Midland. Created to evoke a sensual, earthy, and rich aromatic experience with the purest, organic ingredients. These fragrances linger in the most nuanced way with a light allure that has everyone wanting another inhale. We invite you to meet the signature Midland, the woodsy Hinterland, and the romantic Heartland.


the warmth of a mid-August sun. worn linen from the cedar drawer. a harvest song of golden wheat. the sweet smoke of ‘holy wood’. the dry air of the prairie. a galloping horseback ride into the night. this is Midland.


a solitary walk into the woods. the break of a thunderstorm. the embrace of a lover amongst the cypress. a feverish echo of John Muir. spicy eucalyptus dripping with mist. the chill of a deep breath. this is Hinterland.


the deep rush of a honeyed kiss. the freedom of the open road. the lingering char of an open campfire. the presence of a well worn saddle. wistful memories of the past. this is Heartland.

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