Saint Rita Parlor : 602 Debut Clear/Smoke

Saint Rita Parlor : 602 Debut Clear/Smoke
For the proper. Local L.A. designer Neil Bardon is the most passionate artist we've ever met. Highest quality sunglasses you will find. Also, stylish and timeless.

Exclusive Handmade Acetate Eyewear | 1/100

Transparent Clear Frame

Size: 58/19-144

Suitable for Prescription Lenses

Adorned with Saint Rita Parlor Antique Brass Coin Embedded Inside the Right Temple

Includes Custom Embossed Vegetable-Tanned Leather Case with Paisley Eyewear Cloth | Handkerchief | Pocket Square

Packaged Inside In-House Printed, Coffee Stained, and Baked Print Parcel Package Each Signed and Stamped for Authenticity by Designer