Potions 'N Motions : Elderberry Herbal Elixir

Potions 'N Motions : Elderberry Herbal Elixir

Potions n’ Motions is the hydrosol and plant medicine business of self-taught herbalist, and friend, Courtney Coll.   For generations, Elderberries and Elderflowers have been found to activate and boost your immune system. It works on a cellular level to fight back against a variety of symptoms while cutting down healing time. This Herbal Elixir is packed with Vitamin A + B + C, minerals, potassium, and phosphorus. Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties this powerful elixir keeps your immune system balanced. 

Crafted and brewed by our favorite herbalist, Gail Weinberger, the founder of Gail’s Cupboard.

Ingredients: Filtered water, local raw honey,  elderberries* sambucus nigra, fresh ginger*, fresh turmeric, cinnamon chips*, rose hips*, juniper berries*, licorice*, whole cloves, and elder flowers

* Certified Organic & Fair Trade