Gypsy Vine : Candle

Gypsy Vine : Candle

Derived from nature, each batch is hand-poured and consciously crafted for an Earth-friendly and enjoyable aromatic experience. Gypsey Vine's practices ensure that all goods are made without animal cruelty, pesticides, toxins, phthalates, carcinogens, cheap fillers and secrets. Their products are long-lasting, sustainable and safe.

Big Basin: (oakmoss & amber). Inspired by the forests of the California coast, where roads lazily wind through towering redwoods and moss-covered oaks, and sunlight filters through the branches above. A drive through these mountains brings a sense of warmth and ancient wisdom (best enjoyed with Ben Howard’s “Old Pine” playing on the stereo).

Bramble + Bloom: (sunflower & coastal peony) Inspired by fresh mist, soft sunshine and a spirit uplifted by the bright, floral notes of a place where land meets sea and nothing else matters.

Dream Catcher: (wildflower & amber noir) Inspired by all things Zen, be it meditations, mantras, prayers, intentions or simply claiming every moment of Savasana after hot yoga class. This soothing blend of florals and silky amber was made to bring out that inner yogi who dreams of calmness, contentment and compassion for all.

La Sirena: (pomelo & mangosteen) Inspired by sangria with a blend of vibrant citrus and exotic fruit. Need we say more of its mysterious and irresistible nature?

Old Soul: (bergamot & black pepper) Inspired by the endearing personality of one in particular, an individual who loves Earl Grey tea and is wise beyond their years. Aromatic notes of bergamot are complimented by the spicy, smoky notes of black pepper for an outcome that is mild, humble and timelessly classic.

Orchard Valley: (apricot & herb) Inspired by secrets of the past and of the world that has grown in its place. Notes of garden herbs, sweet fruit and nostalgia come together for this ode to a long-time favorite. 

Petrichor: (rain & earth) Inspired by the chance for a fresh start. Petrichor is the distinct and earthy scent that organically occurs when rain falls onto dry ground and leaves it enriched, transformed and full of possibility. 

Riverkeeper: (sandalwood & leather) Inspired by the enduring ways of the wilderness. At the intersection of fluidity and stability, Riverkeeper embodies the presence of kindness in a world of natural beauty, pristine patterns and ancient mystery. 

Wanderlust: (pomegranate & woodland) Inspired by the desire for limitless adventure, this sweet and daring blend is dedicated to those who embrace the road less traveled and let imagination run free. 

Wildwood: (silver birch & pine cone) Inspired by a landscape of birch and pine where the coolness of dusk meets the warmth of the forest. Pinecones lay scattered about underfoot and the faint smoke of a nearby campfire serves to remind that you are only a visitor in this great and untamed wilderness.